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Shopping districts and malls are plentiful in the Orlando area. Great shopping is available in the amusement park areas for tourists and residents alike. Shopping centers are also abundant outside of the More »


Quality of Life

When most people think of Orlando, they think of the amazing theme parks. Orlando has so much more to offer in addition to amusement parks for those who make their home in More »



Orlando is home to some of the largest hospitals in the nation. The region has hospitals for general and specialized healthcare, children’s healthcare, cancer treatment, and for women and babies. Nearly every More »

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Orlando is home to three professional sports teams and the University of Central Florida Athletics Department. Attending sports events can be exciting for the whole family. People who move to Orlando have More »


Family Fun in Orlando

Disney World is obviously a major attraction for family entertainment in Orlando. The region has more to offer outside of the world-famous adventure park, including theatres, parks, and educational centers such as More »


The Arts

The Orlando area is filled with rich cultural heritage and fine arts. From ballet and theatre to museums and art galleries, Orlando has a very diverse arts and cultural atmosphere. Residents of More »

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Higher Ed

Many higher education institutions reside in Orlando. From nationally recognized universities to specialized academies, Orlando offers higher education for students of varying interests. Below is a list of some of the main More »


Private Education

For those who wish to send their children to a private school, Orlando has many viable options. Each county in Orlando has a wide selection of private school choices. Below is a More »


Public Education

The public education system in Orlando consists of many elementary, middle, and high schools. Choosing a good school district can be a major factor when deciding where to buy a home. To More »

Home Game Rooms

Thinking about renovating your basement and getting a game room downstairs? This video gives you ideas for some of the latest games that add vitality to your space. Game rooms are also a great way to ensure time with the

Fine Art and Furniture

Fine art adds so much to the beauty of your home, but here’s the question: do you decorate around your art, or select your furnishings first and select art that goes with your furniture? Here’s some expert advice.

Kitchen Remodeling

Could your kitchen use a lift? Many new homeowners want to renovate the kitchen and bring it up to date. Here’s a look at some of your choices for styles and designs for the kitchen. This shows you great ideas

Great Interior Design

This video shows you how a home can be designed from the ground up to give you everything you want. The home was designed by one of Atlanta’s top interior designers. Every detail is amazing.

Staircase Replacement

Need to replace an out-of-date staircase? Watch this video to find out about all your choices.